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7 Day Ecuador Trip May 2015 Ruffle

Give yourself a chance to win a great 7 Day Trip to Ecuador Mainland, lead by the one of our local team members. We are experts on creating incredible experiences in our beautiful country!

Trip Highlights:
  • Quito City Tour
  • Otavalo Indigenous Market
  • Cuicocha Crater Lake
  • Cotacachi Leather Market
  • Cloud Forest
  • Roses Plantation
  • Equator Line Sundial
  • Hacienda La Cienega 
  • Cotopaxi National Park
How does the Ruffle works?

Basically you have to read the itinerary, the terms and conditions, and submit the payment. Your PayPal Transaction ID will be the number with wich you will be participating in the trip's Ruffle. On May 29th, 2015, at 11h00 UTC -5 Time Zone (Ecuador's Mainland Time Zone), we will do the Ruffle in our office from which two or more people will be selected by using a traditional loto ball System. Each ball represents one person or two, depending on your participation option, and contains one PayPal Transaction ID Number sticked to it.

We will do a live streaming of the ruffle, and also record it on video to post it afterwards in our Youtube Channel, in case you don't manage to see it live. 

How can I or we participate?

Click on the link below to read carefully the trip's itinerary to be sure that you know what you are willing to win. Then review all the Ruffle's Terms and Conditions, to be sure that you know what are we offering you. The third step will be to submit your payment through PayPay by clicking on the link below.

Notification of your payment and further information

Once you have done the steps above, please fill in THIS FORM so we can have a record of your PayPal Transaction ID, and other pesonal details in case you win the trip.

Click here to view the full Trip Itinerary

PARTICIPATE NOW! Do your payment here using PayPal