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Elderly Home San Jose de Minas

The Elderly Home in San Jose de Minas was built 10 years ago and is a place where more than 100 elderly people get feed every day with one meal, besides receiving care and attention by the people that work there, and by the other elderly they meet.

The Elderly Home from San Jose de Minas has a space donated by the Parish Council with basic infrastructure, and, as many of the small towns from our country, they lack of founds to improve the services given to the elderly. 

There are no elderly people living permanently there as it was originally planned, but people still make some hours of journey from their homes, because they know they can eat there. Many of the elderly don't have anymore family members, and are just capable of sustaining their lives with basic agriculture and maybe by trading animals they raise. 

It is not common that elderly are alone in Ecuador, but this is one of those places where many people has left the village in search of new opportunities and their parents just stay behind and get old.

This is a state-managed project to which we support by giving special donations, for example, ceramic tails to improve the bathrooms, pots for cooking, etc. We do not give cash directly to any project manager or state managed bank account.

Surpass Travel has designated a special bank account to manages the money we separate from every traveler that comes to our country, and to manage any special donation that you are willing to give.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding our actions to support this project: